Our Services

What We Do

santoni seamless knitting machineThe Seamless Knitting Solutions Lab is your full service, seamless textile development solution. Our Lab has three Santoni TOP2 machines in 13 inch, 15 inch, and 17 inch diameters, plus all necessary sewing machinery to custom sew samples.

Seamless Knitting Solutions (SKS) can dye any color, match Pantone colors and wet process with special finishes. Furthermore, SKS can add heat seals, sublimation, heat transfers, snaps, and hang tags and is fully prepared to address any special needs you may have with your development.  SKS works with all major yarn brands, domestic and international, so SKS is sure to find the right yarn for your project.

Once your product has been developed, SKS's experts will match you with manufacturing partners that fit your project. SKS has extensive experience solving textile development issues in the following areas:

  • E Textiles
  • Seamless Development
  • Yarn Evaluation
  • Medical Garments
  • Antimicrobial
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Conductivity
  • Training
  • Technical Textiles
  • Sports Garments
  • Fashion Solutions
  • Shape Wear Solutions
  • Hollow Fibers
  • Manufacturing Solutions
  • Knit In Sensors
  • Moisture Management
  • Wicking
  • Micro Fibers

Our Process

SKS is prepared to take your seamless development project from start to finish, or to initiate your project at any stage.


Bring SKS an Idea and we will analyze a seamless solution.

Proof of Concept

SKS will start a proof of concept for evaluation.


SKS will start development in one size for fit model, evaluation, focus group.

Graded Size Run

SKS will develop the remaining sizes for you.

Pre-Production Samples

SKS can provide a limited number of samples for your website or sales department.

Patent Process

SKS has extensive experience with the patent process. Our engagements for patented work start as early as the initial prototype.

Small Production Runs

SKS can do small turnkey production runs under 1000 units.

Large Scale Production

SKS will assist you in getting a production partner as well as ensuring a smooth transition from development to production.

How It Works

Development is billed at $150 per hour. This includes labor of one technician and usage of all of the equipment in the lab. Graphic design, development, knitting, sewing, dyeing and finishing are billed at $150/hr.

The initial consultation, whether in person or by phone, is free. This allows Seamless Knitting Solutions Lab to determine the scope of work for the project. Any additional consultation, calls or emails lasting in excess of fifteen minutes will be billed at $150 per hour or part thereof.

For new clients, Seamless Knitting Solutions requires a retainer fee to be held for development. The amount of the retainer depends on the scope of work to be performed.

The client is responsible for any out of pocket expenses relating to the development project. This may include: trim, snaps, bindings, heat transfers, hangtags, and all shipping and transportation charges relating to the project. SKS can ship via UPS or FedEx with the client’s account number. 

The client is responsible for yarn cost. Standard yarns are billed at $50/project at the beginning of the project. If Seamless Knitting Solutions Lab must order special yarns, the client is responsible for yarn costs as well as shipping charges. Special yarns will be charged at a minimum of $30/project. Each sample dye lot is billed at $125/lot.  Typically, 6-8 units per style are knitted as development samples. If the client would like additional samples, Seamless Knitting Solutions Lab will knit as many as needed. Sample knitting will be billed at the $150/hr.

Upon completion of a client’s project, all information shall be the property of the client and will be given to the client when full payment is received. Information includes:

  • Samples
  • Disks
  • Specification Sheets
  • Technical packages
  • All Technical information

If desired, Seamless Knitting Solutions Lab can facilitate and transfer projects to production facilities. Sewing is billed separately at $60/hr. Fabric samples will require no sewing.