Seamless Knitting Solutions provides unique service to the knitting industry

Seamless Knitting Solutions (SKS) is the only for hire seamless development and sample knitting facility in the United States. SKS is a seamless product development lab for fast track development and samples production. Seamless development projects and samples from off shore, as well as U.S. manufactures, most commonly take many months.  SKS customers often come to the Lab because they were unsatisfied with the amount of turnaround time other vendors took to develop and produce samples.  With three Santoni TOP2 machines in 13 inch, 15 inch, and 17 inch diameters, SKS provides quality development and quality samples in a fraction of the time larger scale domestic and international textile manufacturers require.

In addition to improved turnaround time, SKS clients can expect expert advice.  SKS specializes in solution projects.  Solution projects are problem-solving projects where SKS collaborates with the client to find a solution to a specific problem. For example, SKS recently had a client who wanted to produce a bra for women who just had shoulder surgery. Women in this situation need a bra they can put on and take off with the motion of only one arm.  The client was extremely pleased with the technical know-how and creative problem-solving SKS brought to the table.

SKS works with many yarn companies on new development of cutting-edge yarns. SKS can produce garments or fabric for sample testing, and then can test run the yarn’s suitability for a given project. SKS dyes yarns any color, matches Pantone colors and has the ability to wet process with special finishes. Furthermore, SKS can add heat seals, sublimation, heat transfers, snaps, and hang tags, and is fully prepared to address any special needs its clients encounter during the textile development project.

SKS has a broad range of clients, from individuals with a good idea, but little understanding of the knitting industry, to several Fortune 500 companies.  Examples of typical clients include brand names adding new styles, yarn companies requiring testing and samples, manufactures seeking assistance with fulfillment or technical advice, medical companies looking for specific E textile development, and companies seeking seamless product development and small runs for  their sales force and online site launches.  Additionally, SKS provides seamless graphic software training to name brand companies.  With decades of experience in the knitting industry, SKS offers its clients many other cut and sew services, anti-microbial, abrasion, wash and color fastness testing, a deep knowledge of the patent process, and a robust network of large scale production facilities. Once clients find SKS, they wonder why they couldn’t find us sooner. SKS truly is the missing piece in today’s knitting industry.  Let Seamless Knitting Solutions be your one-stop manufacturing solution.