Keith Sherrill, Managing Director and Chief Development Officer

Under Keith Sherrill’s direction, the Seamless Knitting Solutions (SKS) Lab brings world-class product expertise to your textile development. With over 30 years of experience in the textile industry, Keith guides client projects from the idea stage through large scale production, and at every product development stage in-between.

Keith Sherrill started his career in North Carolina as a factory-trained technician on sock and medical stocking knitting machines. During the 13 years he served as a factory representative, he grew the Montreal market from 12 to over 1000 machines. From 1999 to 2007, Keith helped develop the seamless knitting industry on the West Coast, where he trained dozens of technicians on machine software and graphics. Keith also installed hundreds of seamless machines worldwide. Throughout his career, Keith has worked with designers from numerous brand name apparel and sportswear houses. As a sought-after industry expert, Keith has consulted with large-scale seamless producers, traveling with clients on problem-solving factory visits in the US and around the world, including Mexico, Italy, Germany, China, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Canada.

Keith understands the entire product development process, as well as how to choose the best raw materials for client projects. Not only is he extremely familiar with all types of yarns, but he also adds significant value with his understanding of knitting, sewing, dyeing, wet processing, packaging, and sublimation.

Keith is well-versed in a wide variety of cutting edge technologies, including e textile projects and anti-microbial fabrics. Keith is well-known in the seamless industry as the go-to expert for proof of concept projects. As manager of the SKS Lab, Keith has worked on special projects, such as heart rate monitoring, EKG knitted sensors, and the US Olympics rowing team uniforms. He is an inventor or co-inventor on numerous patents related to seamless textile development and has advised leading producers on the textile patent process. Keith can converse in technical Spanish and French, as needed. His strong customer service orientation, technical knowledge and deep experience make Keith an asset to any design/development team. Through his extensive world-wide contacts, Keith has the ability to help his clients quickly scale production, if required.