Introducing small production runs to help today’s startups

The e-commerce industry is booming. According to a 2016 survey, eight in 10 Americans shop online. As a result, clothing ...
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Seamless Development Lab for knitting industry

Seamless Knitting Solutions provides unique service to the knitting industry

Seamless Knitting Solutions (SKS) is the only for hire seamless development and sample knitting facility in the United States. SKS ...
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continuous cardiac monitoring

Wearable ECG garment with seamless knitted sensors allows for continuous cardiac monitoring

Over the past few years, it has be exciting for Seamless Knitting Solutions (SKS) to be part of HealthWatch Technologies’ ...
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seamless unisuit

Groundbreaking Seamless Unisuit Goes to Rio with Olympic Rowers

Until 2016 rowing unisuits were cut and sew, and the seamless unisuit did not exist. Rowing requires a high range ...
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